Commonwealth v. Patt

Yesterday, my client was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license. I was able to get the resisting arrest and driving without a license withdrawn by the commonwealth at the preliminary and keep my client’s ARD options open. Very happy client!

Commonwealth v. Grower

This week, my client had 2 separate driving with vehicle registration suspended. Each one carries a 90 day driver’s license suspension (they don’t tell you that when you get the ticket). On appeal I was able to get both charges dismissed and my client plead guilty to a citation that carries a $25.00 fine, no

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Commonwealth v. Kones

Last week i had client who was charged with 1st offense DUI and endangering the welfare of a minor. She was not eligible for the first offenders program due to the second charge but i was able to have that charge withdrawn and she received the minimum sentence possible. She did and continues to do

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Commonwealth v. Eon Foe

Earlier this month I had a client who was facing termination from the ARD program for failure to pay court costs. She would have had to have a trial or plead guilty, which would likely result in a record and jail time plus license suspension. I was able to negotiate additional time to pay her

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Commonwealth v. Brace G.

Last week I had a middle aged lady charged with hit and run. She was looking at a 6 month license suspension if convicted. I was able to get the Commonwealth to withdraw the hit and run at the prelim and she plead guitly to a traffic citation with no points. Very happy client.