Commonwealth v. Stick

I had a client with two separate Criminal cases, one for a DUI and one for Drugs. For the DUI case, I was able to reduce his sentence from serving 90 days with 5 years probation and 18 months license suspension to only serving 5 days with 6 months probation and 12 months license suspension.

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Commonwealth v. RS Land

Today’s client was facing a 2nd offense highest tier and look at a mandatory 90 days in jail and an 18 month license suspension. I was able to get him 5 days I jail and a 12 month license suspension. What are 85 days of freedom and six months of driving worth to you? He

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Commonwealth v. Fry

Lehigh County has a policy that prohibits people who are charged with DUI drug, other than marijuana, from receiving ARD. Last week, I had such a client but was able to convince the Commonwealth to make an exception. I was able to help my client to avoid a jail sentence, avoid a conviction, avoid a

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Commonwealth v. C Servo

On Monday, instead of defending against my motion to suppress my client’s blood test result, I was able to convince the Commonwealth to amend the charges and agree to a plea for a lesser offense. I saved my client 90 days in jail, 6 months of license suspension and a significant amount of fines.

Commonwealth v. A Aldo

Today, I had a client facing a 1st Degree Felony Aggravated Assault and other charges. He was looking at a minimum of 27 months in state prison. I successfully negotiated a plea agreement to 2 misdemeanor charges and he was sentenced to county prison and is work release eligible. Nobody wants to go to prison

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